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Monday, 16 January 2012

'Warm California sun'

Just a quick update as I sit t LAX airport waiting to board my flight to Auckland.

So it seems like I've been travelling forever! Saying goodbye at Heathrow airport this morning, or whenever it was, ( time zones confuse me) feels like a lifetime ago!...I made the goodbyes short and sweet, not because I wanted to get rid of them but because I knew I would end up crying loads of they had dragged out, I welled up a bit but I managed to gain composure. As I have never flown on my larry before I couldn't stop shaking when going through airport security but the truth is I wasn't even that scared I think there was just a lot of emotion built up inside me and it came out in the form of shakes! lol.

the flight from Heathrow to LAX took approx. 10 hours 45 minuets but it was a good flight with clear skies pretty much all the way, we hit a rough patch which just had to be when they were serving the tea and coffee, the girl next to me lost half of hers in her lap, in the end she downed it before anymore went over board. the rest of the flight was pretty uneventful. I saw a lot of frozen wasteland as we flew over Greenland and Canada, what's all this nonsense about global warming! It was an awesome sight though.
Coming in to L.A was simply amazing, first of all the sunset was just magical. perfection. and watching it from 25000 feet was just inspiring. then as we started descending, LA was lit up and on my life the traffic was insane, and I could see that from 10/5000 feet, tips folks, never drive in LA it looks MENTAL!!!!. The landing was pretty smooth but LAX sure has a busy runway.

Now after reading up on connecting flight at LAX I was dreading it because all people kept saying was how it took like2-3 hours to clear customs, I was thinking great it's going to be a rush for my flight. BUT it was the polar opposite I had to wait no longer than 30 mins at each station and now I am sitting outside my departure gate waiting to board at 22:40 local time. I can also say I've been to L.A because I had to go curbside for 10 mins and go through security again.

one thing I have learnt so far on my travels is that I have to come back to LA and stay more that 5 hours, it looks like a fun place, well at night at least, I won't get to see it at day time unfortunately.

Signing off.... see you in Auckland!!!! x

so it wasn't so short after all lol.

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