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Hi Guys and Welcome to my blog. Hopefully i will be updating this as i make my travels around wherever i may go, be it in the near future or way off in the distance.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Life is Life

being in Queenstown in awesome! although when you have limited funds thins can become a little boring ... this is why my friends and I have taken solace in the game of 'Frisbee' , albeit for only short periods of the day but non the less when we have little else to do 'shall we play frisbee?' is e phrase often heard. who knows we may even become pros by the time we actually have money.

Here in Queenstown they also have 'frisbee golf' which after the first couple of "holes" can become very tedious. Five of us thought that one day it would be a good idea to give this frisbee golf course a go, and after renting our frisbees, they have a special type of frisbee for this game, we set of for the course. naively we perhaps thought we might be rather good at it and uncover a hidden talent.. this was not to be, although some of us showed promise, we were all pretty shit. the nets were, in my opinion, placed far too far away from the tee and the damn frisbees always seemed to go off to the left. So after 18 holes we were bored and our combined parr must have been like 600+ or something stupid like that. undoubtedly this would be the last time we would play this game and just stick to the classic frisbee, which, we have become quite good at.

On the 18th of February, after again having nothing to do, three of us headed to a BMX event we had heard was going on just up the road from our hostel and it turned out to be a pretty awesome day. It was the 'RedBull Roastit' BMX competition and it was pretty exciting, double backflips crazy jumps and some gnarly falls, my highlight of the week. Below are some of my favourite pictures I took.

Queenstown has held host to some pretty awesome nights out, one not ending till gone 5am, needless to say the next day we didn't arise till mid afternoon. The hostel we are currently residing at is home to some awesome people who are making the nights out as awesome as possible. We are yet to go to either one of the ice bars here which sucks a bit but cause we went to the one in Auckland I don't mind so much.

that's all for now, enjoy! :)

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Anarchy in the UK

So here we are, One month on...

So today marks the day that i left home exactly one month ago. It has been an amazing month, one filled with ups and downs, but i wouldn't change anything.

So lets see where did i leave off in my last post... ah yes. beside my little health update, i left you when i got to Queenstown, well now we are in for a story.

We got to Queenstown after our little road trip on i think it was the 26th January and after a few nights staying in a couple different hostels, we got to the one we would ultimately be in for a while Aspen Lodge. Now aside from the fact that i would kill to have my own room with my nice big double bed again, i have taken to aspen lodge quite nicely, the staff are amazingly friendly, the place itself is always clean and tidy and most of the travellers (aside from one rather smelly individual) are all very nice.  So i have been residing in QT for about 3 weeks now and i can only tell you what an amazing place it is. By day, a nice little town in the valley of amazing mountains and by night, party capital of New Zealand.

This last picture brings me onto the subject of my BROTHER! :) (he is the one in the white shirt).
My brother, Glen, left to go travelling about 3 years ago and although he has been home a couple times in those years, i hadn't seen him in over a year i think it was, so it was really cool to be able to see him and have a few drinks with him when i got to QT. Last Wednesday we went our for the night and had a few drinks, well me and Scott had a few drinks, i think glen must have drank the entire contents of every bar we went to, he was paralytic, could barely stand, and it was the funniest thing i had ever witnessed. There was alot of staggering, alot of falling over, attempts to sleep in bushes and some throwing of food. Lets just say the next day he wasn't feeling particularly good.

We have met a few awesome people whilst being here in QT and had some good nights with them.

So leaving QT aside for the moment. I think now is a good point to tell you about how this trip has affected me. So i can tell you now, i know that i don't want to go back to England for a very long time, not until after i have seen the world, well i might do a stop over back home if I'm heading that way ;) Now alot of people will be thinking 'dont you miss you family and friends and all the luxuries back home?'  and the answer is yes, i miss all that a hell of alot, and i think for some people when they go travelling it can affect them really bad and cause them to go home, which is fine for them if that's what they feel they need to do. For me, even though the thought is always there, and i don't really think it will ever go away, that ' i could be doing this and that at home' and that would be awesome but i just know that when i got home and after seeing everyone again, i would be like what the hell have i done, things would be boring again, and so i don't think i will be able to go home for good until i feel i have accomplished something on this Journey, otherwise it would be a huge wast of time/money and i definitely don't want it to be that.

I get moments when i get really homesick and i can think of nothing else but abandoning ship, and these are the really low times, but then i think of all the amazing times i have had and all of the amazing things i have seen and that just completely outweighs the negatives. I am happy to be here, this country is beautiful and it makes you realise how grey and dull England really can be.

Right enough with the emotions lets get on to something really exciting.
1. Nevis Bungy. This has to be the top of my list. The Ultimate thrill here in QT. Australasia's Highest Bungy jump.
When i get to do this, i can guarantee it will be the most scariest thing i will ever do. BRING IT ON! 134m.

2. Nevis Swing. This and the bungy you can get as a combo. The swing you can do tandem, so it will be awesome to be able to do it with Scotty.
So when i get a job and am able to save up some money these will be the first thing i spend on. serious adrenalin.

Also, at some point during my time here in NZ i would love to do a skydive. There are so many places in NZ you can skydive but i think i would like to do it at Lake Wanaka, because even though we only spent a night there it was so beautiful that it became one of my favourite places.

I wont leave New Zealand until have done these 3 things!.

So what can i say about travelling? 1 thing, DO IT!

Me and Scotty now have a video blog which you can find on both our facebook pages and also my Youtube channel, which i have posted a link to somewhere in one of these blogs... i think?

Best thing about my trip so far?
     - The Hooker Valley walk at Mount Cook, and our little road trip from CHCH to QT.
Worst thing about my trip so far?
     - Missing my own room. (this took me a while to think of, so it proves there isn't many bad things)
Biggest letdown of my trip?
     - Puzzling World, Lake Wanaka. i was looking forward to this but it turns out, it is need of some serious updating, although some of the stuff was pretty cool, it wasn't worth the $15 we paid to get in. SORRY PUZZLING WORLD!

Most surprising part of my trip?
     - NZ pure natural beauty. its breathtaking.
HAVE A FERGBURGER ...its an essential here in QT :)

So that's it for this post, let me know if there is anything you would like me to talk about in my posts!

Love you all! :) xxxx TTFN