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Monday, 20 February 2012

Life is Life

being in Queenstown in awesome! although when you have limited funds thins can become a little boring ... this is why my friends and I have taken solace in the game of 'Frisbee' , albeit for only short periods of the day but non the less when we have little else to do 'shall we play frisbee?' is e phrase often heard. who knows we may even become pros by the time we actually have money.

Here in Queenstown they also have 'frisbee golf' which after the first couple of "holes" can become very tedious. Five of us thought that one day it would be a good idea to give this frisbee golf course a go, and after renting our frisbees, they have a special type of frisbee for this game, we set of for the course. naively we perhaps thought we might be rather good at it and uncover a hidden talent.. this was not to be, although some of us showed promise, we were all pretty shit. the nets were, in my opinion, placed far too far away from the tee and the damn frisbees always seemed to go off to the left. So after 18 holes we were bored and our combined parr must have been like 600+ or something stupid like that. undoubtedly this would be the last time we would play this game and just stick to the classic frisbee, which, we have become quite good at.

On the 18th of February, after again having nothing to do, three of us headed to a BMX event we had heard was going on just up the road from our hostel and it turned out to be a pretty awesome day. It was the 'RedBull Roastit' BMX competition and it was pretty exciting, double backflips crazy jumps and some gnarly falls, my highlight of the week. Below are some of my favourite pictures I took.

Queenstown has held host to some pretty awesome nights out, one not ending till gone 5am, needless to say the next day we didn't arise till mid afternoon. The hostel we are currently residing at is home to some awesome people who are making the nights out as awesome as possible. We are yet to go to either one of the ice bars here which sucks a bit but cause we went to the one in Auckland I don't mind so much.

that's all for now, enjoy! :)

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