True Confessions...

Hi Guys and Welcome to my blog. Hopefully i will be updating this as i make my travels around wherever i may go, be it in the near future or way off in the distance.

Monday, 17 October 2011

This is the first thing...

Everything is done!

Visa - Done
Insurance - Done
Flights - Done
E.S.T.A - Done

Now i just have to wait, and also buy everything i need to take with me! but i have a few months to get that sorted, plus i don't really want to do all that too quickly otherwise the time till i go will take even longer! 

Tick, Tock go the seconds on the clock.

'Wait, where you say you've been?
Who you been there with?
Where you say you're goin'?
Who you goin' with?

Keep me on my toes, 
keep me in the know'

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